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PJSC «Peredvizhnaya Energetika» (mobile energy)

PJSC «Peredvizhnaya Energetika» is supplying heat power and electricity to the northern isolated territories where the temperatures go as low as -55C. Mostly the electricity and heat are supplied by using gas-turbine facilities. The company operates within Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous territory and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous territory.

PJSC «Peredvizhnaya Energetika» is one of the first companies using mobile power supply in Russia. It was founded in 1994 by privatization of the state enterprise «Peredvizhnaya Energetika». Today PJSC «Peredvizhnaya Energetika» is among the leaders of innovative energy-related projects implementation in Russia.

The number of employees 378 Installed electric power 217 MWt Length of electric networks 325,6 km
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