RAO Energy Systems of the East
Developing energy for development of Far East
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PJSC «Magadanenergo»

PJSC «Magadanenego» provides the centralized energy supply to the customers in Magadan region and partly to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia); and centralized heat supply of the city of Magadan, Myaundzha, Ust-Nera and Ozerny villages. PJSC «Magadanenergo» includes «Chukotenergo», operating in Chukotka Autonomous region.

The operations of the power facilities included in  PJSC «Magadanenergo» is maintained in the hard climate conditions of permafrost, the absence of infrastructure and high temperature fluctuations.

Installed electric power 320 MWt Installed heat capacity 773,26 Gcal/h Length of electric networks 5 432,2 km Number of serviced substations 3 237
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